Industrial tubing

Today , all industries have to deal with the problem of ever tightening building schedules. As a consequence, designing of tubing for the concrete structures tends to be put off. This means that the concrete structures need to be designed so that the pipe conduits can be diamond drilled at later stage of the project.  Our RP CONDUIT METHOD is designed with an eye to this requirement.

Teollisuushalli   RP läpivientiholkit teollisuudessa   RP-lattiakaivi teollisuudessa   RP-roiskevesikaulukset teollisuudessa

Our industrial products:               1. RP conduit collars                 2. RP floor drains                 3. RP splash collars



  • RP Method is an economical and fast way to take pipes and other lead-in conduits through concrete and stone structures.
  • The RP conduit collars are inserted into a diamond-drilled hole in a  concrete structure.
  • Seaing compound is placed on the surfaces of the ribs protruding fronm the collar.
  • The RP conduit collar is then pressed into the drilled hole. Because of the ribs, it shapes tightly within the structure

       - moulding and grouting are not needed.


Timanttiporattuun reikään asennetaan läpivientiputki   Poimujen välisille pinnoille laitetaan elastinen massa   Putki painetaan porattuun reikään   Poimujen avulla putki kiinnittyy rakenteeseen


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