RP conduit collar  /  sleeve

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RP conduit collars are used by industries as a protective shield over process pipes in concrete structures.

  • protects the pipe againts damages.
  • prevents things form falling down to the lower floors.
  • prevents liquids and other materials from flowing through the conduit hole.

Installation instructions for RP sleeve

läpivientiholkin asennus vaihe 1                                             

Apply elastic sealing compound, ( Sikaflex FC 11 ) or equivalent, between the sleeve ribs. Fit the conduit in the drilled hole.

läpivientiholkin asennus vetotangolla                                          rpb__sleeve_installation.pdf         

When the conduit diameter is long, use hydraulic mounting equipment.  ( Usually , if diameter is larger than 300 mm )

läpivientiholkin asennus lyömällä                                              rpb__sleeve_installation.pdf   

Fit in the conduit sleeve by means of mounting plate and sledge hammer or forge hammer. This method is normally used for small-diameter conduits.

Asennuksen lopputulos

Press the conduit sleeve into hole until the top rib of sleeve sits tightly over the slab rim. Wipe off the extra sealing compound.

Technical drawings of RP Sleeve


PDF file:    rpb_sleeve_technical_drawings.pdf


DWG file:   rp_lapivientiholkki.zip

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