RPM Balcony Drain

 RPM parvekekaivo  RPM kaivo ja RST putki  RPM kaivo parveke-elementissä

RPM balcony drains are fitted in the mould in the precast concrete manufacturing plant.

A special mounting foot is designed for the moulds to eliminate flaws, and to guarantee good water tightness. pls. see installation instructions.

RPM balcony drains can also be fitted in on the site  by allowing for it at the precast concrete manufacturing plant, or by diamond-drilling the hole in accordance with supplier´s instructions.


Drains are designed compatible with dimensions of downpipes : ¤ 50, ¤ 75 ja ¤ 100 mm:n

Parts of  drain:


Parts of RPM balcony drain


Installation instruction of RPM balcony drain

Installation of balcony trap on element factory:   rpm_installation_new_buildings.pdf    

Installation of balcony trap to renovation target:  rpm_renovations.pdf

parvekeputkiston asennus RPM parvekekaivoon:  rpm_parvekeputki_asennus.pdf 

                                                                                         ( not english translate )


Technical drawings of RPM floor drain

PDF file :    rpm_balcony_drain.pdf    

DWG files:     

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